From Knob to EdgeRank to what next in Facebook- (11)

Your website is not getting any traffic and you are not generating any sales.
You can create a beautiful, user-friendly and trend setting website, but a website without traffic is basically useless to the online world.

So, the concern is how do you send the right audience to your website? How do you get instant traffic to your website so you can test key components of your sales process? Well, it is not difficult, but it is also not easy as you think. An analytical approach, a strategic mindset and creative ideas are extremely essential to pull a good crowd to your website. While you think what you can do, we have peeped into the matter and came up with 3 basic advertising and marketing tactics that could help you to achieve exactly what you want.

1. Win with SEO
Well, if you want to be ahead in the visibility race, you need to work very hard. Though it is a never ending race, but building the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), will indeed help you to be ahead. Don’t be tensed, SEO can be fun as well. The main job of SEO is to increase the visibility of your brand or website on search engines like Google and different social media platforms. SEO helps the search engine to figure out what each page is all about, and how it can be useful for the users. There are endless opportunities in SEO, you can experiment with different moves as well. But keep in mind SEO is really important for your website.

2. Go for Online Paid Advertisments

Creating a mind blowing online marketing campaign is not the answer.
Sometimes, you need to take a step back and use online advertising as well. Highly targeted ads that appeal to target audiencesis a strong weapon. Platforms like Google Search, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google Display network offers great targeting capabilities. In all these platforms you can target on the basis of gender, age, income, companies the users work at, job titles, online interests, specific search keywords, a device they use and targeted cities too. So, isn’t it interesting that you can target the audience accordingly and then send them to a website that contains exactly what the user is looking for. So, create ads and entice the audience that they simply cannot resist.

3. Rock with a bit of Content Marketing
It’s no secret that social media platforms have changed the face of digital marketing. We have been introduced to a more interactive world where people talk about anything and everything and discuss with others as well. New and interesting content are one of the unsung heroes. If you create one interesting content, audiences are more likely to try and find the source of the content. That is how you pull them to your website and lure them with an offer.

Now that you have got the basic idea, come back to know more about each topic and only then you will be able to figure out what exactly you need. For a simple start, build an online digital marketing strategy centred round getting the traffic to your site. For more help, you can contact us any time. We will happily help you to boost your business.

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