Design in the workplace can be fun as well as hard. Designers do have their design jargon and special software and you might not have any idea how it works and what it means. Communications between designers and departments or clients can sometimes get hilarious.


Well, we mean there are lot’s of things which you should not ask a graphic designer. Here we have rounded up top 7 questions which irritates the designers.

  1. Can you quickly complete the design?

    Think twice before saying this. As you are not aware of what they do and how do they create a post. So, please don’t ask them this. Instead, ask how much time it will take? Yes, but also remember to remind them of the task.
  2. We don’t have any data at the moment. You just design the website, we will provide the data later.

    God save you, if you ever say this. Content is the King and a design is built around the content. So, from the next time keep your copy ready. For your kind information, it also saves time.
  3. Come on, it will only take a minute to do it.
    Do you have any idea that how much time it takes to make a design? No, then how can you say this. Graphic design isn’t an instant process. Every project will have its own time requirement and process. Let them know about the time constraints and ask for a realistic estimate.
  4. This looks Superb, but you can do better than this.
    Be definite what you want. We mean, designers are good or rather experts at creating beautiful imagery and functional designs putting their creative energies, but only you know what you want, so it’s ultimately up to you how you communicate your thoughts.
  5. Can you design something in the style of another designer?
    No designer is okay copying another designer’s work and you shouldn’t expect them to. Instead, point out which part you liked and ask them to do their own take on the style.
  6. Make the logo bigger
    Saving or taking the screenshot of your company logo and then asking them to make the logo bigger is a bad call. Logos need to have a certain resolution to look clear in the design. Sometimes the original design is needed. So, you see it is not always on their part.
  7. We want it to look like this, but don’t copy it. Just make it different enough, but keep it the same!
    What is this? What do you want? Please don’t confuse the designers. Designers are designers because they possess the artistic and technical ability. So, don’t waste time in experimentation and also by confusing them. Look over the work carefully and decide what you need and what not.

We at Webamos love our graphic designers. Yes, we do disturb them by asking few hilarious things, but with mutual respect and collaborative work we get the best work done from them.

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