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Artists of every kind need freedom. One must understand, graphic designers being graphic artists, additionally seek for creative freedom or flexibility in design. Designers can work well when they get freedom and opportunity. Being a designer, I often come across certain barriers that harm my creativity while I work on any piece of work. For designers like me, every artist needs the freedom to experiment and create unique pieces of work that stand out from the rest.

Without the freedom to experiment, innovation is next to impossible and no new or unique designs as many aspire to have can be expected. Hence, given the freedom to experiment with designs and layouts can bring out the best designs and concept arts that may even outperform anyone’s expectations.

A new vision helps designers to create something exclusive every time we begin working on a new theme or a new campaign. Restrictions or limitations that are make it difficult for a designer to grow. If a company or client wants the designers to offer their best, they ought to give the designers a chance to experiment. A fixed rule or regulation means that the designers are dealing with the same thing at all times, that eventually hampers their creativity. Following same set of guidelines can restrict designers to explore something beyond. Having a creative freedom is like a creative license to the designers.

Presenting a new piece in a new style and creating/giving it its own unique identity is an outcome of a responsible and creative designer.

At the end of the day, designers are the visual communicators. It is through their work, a product or a brand communicates with the audience. Hence, if you are anytime on the client’s end ensure that designers are artists and they should never be held back.

A happy designer always comes out with lucrative design options when he/she is enjoying the freedom given to explore and experiment. So, if you are a designer,  break free, travel your own road happily and let the creativity flow in everything you wish to try!

If you want to share your experience as a designer or if you agree with what you just read, feel free to comment below!

-By Manjiree | Lead Designer


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