In a world like today where it is extremely difficult to keep a track of information and process data without the use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tool, we at Webamos have come up with a new product – “SMARTTSELL” which is a sales and marketing automation CRM.


 “SMARTT” stands for “Systematic Monitoring And Real-Time Tracking”. The name itself defines the core objective of the system. SMARTT is the Sales & Automation platform that automates overall functions of Sales & Marketing. SMARTT has been developed with the objective of simplifying a complex process of sales & marketing by systematically mapping marketing campaigns & tracking Sales process.


Smarttsell CRM offers a number of advantages that will help you identify, understand, and assist your clients, in a way that you’ll never have to worry about losing revenue as a result of incomplete data. Here are a few benefits of Smarttsell CRM software that can help your company succeed.


There are many reasons to opt for a Smarttsell CRM today!

We have simply listed out a few that you can relate to and will definitely find them helpful. You may think of various other reasons too. However, our goal is not to provide an exhaustive list, but merely to get you thinking about the value of a Smarttsell CRM and hopefully help you come to the realisation that if you have a business, then you need  SMARTTSELL CRM.




–          You need metrics
Information and metrics is a very crucial part of any sales and marketing team. Handling the metrics and organising information so that it can be put to right use is often seen to be a tedious task. Hence, SMARTTSELL is the solution to pick!

–          Statuses are important
Status of the lead received, whether follow-up is required or is completed, whether the lead is qualified or not, these are a few questions that can lead to a messed up information if not kept in an organised manner. Hence, the status of each lead needs to be monitored properly, that is effectively done by SMARTTSELL.

–          Emails are decentralized
You may have come across a pool of emails all cluttered in your inbox which will be time-consuming to organise under respective labels. Hence, decentralization of emails manually can also result in loss of information or jumble up of data.

–          History is important
Imagine going through hundreds of emails and other pieces of information regarding  prospect or a lead, finding that one piece of information from that huge database can take hours to get hold of the right email. SMARTTSELL helps you manage, access and monitor leads at any point in time and ensures that no loss of data occurs.

–          Never lose your data
The most important part of sales & marketing is the data collected after days and months of hard work. Losing any piece of information or data can result  in the loss of a prospect client/customer that is no less that a loss for the company’s business. SMARTTSELL keeps the data organised such that any information can be easily accessed at all times.

–          Predict your future
Having a database is important while quality analysis of the data is equally important. Having well-organised data can help in taking necessary steps to nurture leads into conversions.

–          Track your tasks and events
With SMARTTSELL you can keep track of your tasks and align work according to the priority. It also makes it easy for you to manage events and  be prepared for your next move.

–          Gauge performance
With SMARTTSELL, you can check and analyse the quality of leads you have received from any your online campaigns and take corrective measures to optimise your campaigns on time without losing out much of your media spend/allocated budget.

–          Be organized
With SMARTTSELL you can organise your data as per your requirements and can process it without any hindrance each day hassle free.


Would love to avail these benefits of SMARTTSELL CRM?

Want to know more about the features of SMARTTELL? Come back to know its outstanding features that can make your life so easy, work so simpler and Business so successful!

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