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Social media, over time, has turned into a very dynamic platform for every marketer. As the social media industry continues to grow and change spontaneously, the marketers are getting more clarity in terms of what they need to extract from social media. However, like any other industry, there are certain challenges that the marketers are facing in today’s digitized world of social media.

“ The most challenging questions that most marketers struggle to find answers for are about the effective techniques, engagement with audience, measurement of traction, response management, targeting the right audience and the tools to manage tasks for social media.” said Amit Singh our Digital Marketing Head. He also spoke about how these main keywords play an important role in the job of a social media marketer.

Here is what he has to say about social media:

  • Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn will be the top spots in coming years: This is because a significant spurt of 66% is noticed among the marketers who are planning on increasing the use of social media networks for more business.
  • Facebook in detail: With approximately 1.44B monthly Facebook users, marketers find it crucial to have a complete understanding of the most majorly used social media channel, Facebook. While approximately 70% of the marketers are using Facebook, 68% want to explore Facebook options and around 60% are planning to increase the activities on this social networking site through paid and organic posts.
  • Video Marketing: At present 57% of the marketers are using video marketing techniques however, 72% are interested in learning more about video marketing and make effective use of videos for getting more traction on videos. You will be surprised to know that Youtube is the second largest search engine globally. This indicates the volume of internet audience spend time on popular video channels.
  • Podcasting: This is an underutilized channel of advertising by the marketers as only 10% of them are involved in podcasting while 26% are willing to increase the use of this tool for marketing and as many as 43% of the marketers wish to learn more about podcasting.
  • What rules today? Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important and often used social media channels among marketers to promote product/service/brand digitally. However, out of the two, when asked marketers to choose any one social media marketing channel from all, more than 50% marketers preferred Facebook followed by 21% for LinkedIn. However, most of the Facebook marketers are not confident of end result of using it as a channel to advertise. Only 45% marketers find Facebook effective.
  • Tactics & engagement are the key areas for marketers to focus on social media: Increasing the user engagement on social media channels is a primary concern of most marketers as over 90% marketers are looking for effective social tactics and user engagement ways to increase interaction and engagements of users.

So, if you are a social media marketer, then you now know where you need to focus to attract your audience on social media channels.  If you have any further queries you can share your concerns in comments section or write to us on digitalsupport@webamos.in and our experts will answer your questions.  Also, if you find this post helpful, feel free to share it with your friends.

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