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UI or User Interface has a lot to do with the overall look and feel of a website. Here are a few tips for the beginners UI development for websites and web applications:

  • Layout
    Layout is the basic architecture of any website. It must be clear in terms of positioning of the text, images and other content elements on the website and also, must be user friendly. By user friendly I mean that clear understanding of the user behaviour on the website is very important to be able to develop something that is in accordance with the user behaviour on the website. Also, all web browsers and devices must support the website. And, as we know that there are many browsers and devices, so it is a challenging task to develop User interface. To develop a layout, you must know all the browser rules to overcome browser compatibility issues.
  • Functionality
    Functionality or actions need to be user friendly and simple. These aim at adding the ease to browse pages and information on the website for the user. Hence, it is for the Users to feel good while surfing the website or web application. If functionality for a web application is being designed, there must be a help document for flow and functionality for user guidelines.
  • Look and feel
    Look and feel is an important element of website and web applications. Placement of content, images, links, spacing, colour combinations, fonts are factors to consider for better UI development of a website or web application.
  • SEO friendly
    It is very important for the website to be SEO friendly. Having a website is meaningless if it is not SEO friendly. As all users do not know your domain to use it as a keyword in search engine, finding your website on the internet will be extremely difficult. Keywords, placements, URLs, file names, Social media are the pointers for making an SEO friendly website or for its on page optimization.

If these 4 important aspects are kept in mind during UI development of a website or a web application, a well functioning website can be created which is visually appealing.

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– Nirav Patel |  Sr. UI Developer


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